The small cross-sectional area of the insulated wires inside the distribution board should be 1.0mm2. For low-level electronic circuits, wires with a cross-sectional area less than 1.0mm2 are allowed (but not less than the requirements of the electronic equipment manufacturer for the cross-sectional area of the installed wires). When the cross-sectional area is not greater than 8mm2, the bending radius should be greater than 3 times its outer diameter. The transition conductors of moving components such as distribution boards and panels should have sufficient winding capacity.

2. The insulation of the connecting wire should be moisture-proof, moldy proof, and flame retardant. Its isolation voltage rating is: when the working voltage of the line is less than or equal to 100 volts, the isolation rated voltage should be greater than or equal to 250 volts; When the working voltage of the circuit is greater than 100 volts and less than or equal to 450 volts, the rated isolation voltage should be greater than or equal to 500 volts

3. The wires should be correctly connected to the designated terminals in strict accordance with the drawings.

4. The wiring should be neat, clear, and aesthetically pleasing, with good insulation and no damage.

5. External wiring should not cause additional pressure on the interior of the appliance.

6. Wiring should be carried out according to terminal markings.

7. The wire diameter for connecting the power indicator light is 1.5mm2.

8. The diameter of the single circuit line entering the circuit breaker and leakage switch is 1.5mm2.

9. Single main circuit wire diameter 1.5mm2.

10. The small wire diameter of the switch jumper is 2.5mm2.

11. The small wire diameter entering the primary winding of the transformer is 1.5mm2.

12. The diameter of the control wire power jumper is 1.5mm2.

13. The small diameter of the control wire is 1.0mm2.

14. The wire diameter from the panel control circuit to the backplane is 1mm2.

15. The conductor of Voltmeter shall be connected with 1.5mm2.

16. The current transformer wiring adopts 1.5mm2.

17. The panel backup line adopts 1.0mm2 yellow wire.

18. The lighting circuit inside the cabinet is 1.0mm2.

19. The control wire from the panel to the floor should use multi-core flexible wire.

20. Soft and hard wires are used for backplane wiring.

21. In special circumstances, connectors such as PLC, x41, y41, etc. can be used in conjunction with 0.3mm2. When the space inside the panel and cabinet is limited, they can be used, but must be approved by the responsible person